Auteursrechten Informatiepunt

Copyright Information Point


Netwerk Auteursrechten InformatiepuntenAs a student, teacher or researcher you can be both author and user of information. As the author of a publication or creator of (audio)visual material, it is good to know how you regulate the rights to your own material. And as a user of information, it is also important to know which rights you have to (re)use the material of others.


Because is it allowed to get a picture from the internet and place it in your material? What is the right way to cite sources? How many text from another can you use in your report? You will get the answer to all these questions through the Copyright Information Point (CIP). It is a place where students and teachers can ask their questions about copyright, plagiarism and the Easy Access regulation of Stichting UvO .


For the Copyright Information Point of your university of applied sciences, you can contact:

Aeres uas CIP

HAS green academy CIP

Van Hall Larenstein uas CIP


Website for higher education


Lecturers, students, researchers and staff of institutions in higher education can also visit the website for practical information about various copyright issues in higher education and research. This website is developed and maintained by the network of Copyright Information Points (NAI-hbo and NAI-wo) and SURF.
The information on the website is offered in English and in Dutch.