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The Greeni libraries are providing information online more and more, above you find a selection of the latest e-books. Making e-books available is often bounded to the conditions of the publishers. For example, the number of simultaneous users may be limited or it may (not) be possible to download or print parts of an e-book. However, you can view e-books if you are connected to the institutional network (see also: Remote access).


Acquisition suggestions

Do you have a suggestion for a book you think we should have? Send an e-mail to the library at your location (e-mail addresses can be found at the menu on top, under 'Locations') and make sure you give as many data as possible, such as title, author, year of publication, publisher, ISBN and, if necessary, volume number. Suggestions are appreciated and you will be notified about whether your suggestion will be honored or not.


Implementation of integrated ecosystem assessments in the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea – conceptualizations, practice, and progress How teaching happens De bionische vogel Huisgenoten Verslag bijeenkomst beweiding en weidevogels 11 mei Wyns Taal van transitie Doelgericht onderwijs ontwerpen Behouden, inpassen en doorgeven van culinair erfgoed na migratie Foodways of adult children of Latin American and Caribbean migrants A Latin American migrant foodscape in the Netherlands Atkins' physical chemistry Powerful teaching Blended learning Súd Ie – najaarsmonitoring 2020 How learning happens Your ideal classroom Súd Ie – najaarsmonitoring 2020 Súd Ie – voorjaarsmonitoring 2020 From what is to what if Dan staat het gras als liefde Natuurzin Bomen beter begrijpen Mieren van de Benelux

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