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Innovating and improving

Our professors, researchers, lecturers and students all work with partners in professional fields on high-quality, applied research. They produce innovative solutions to issues emerging from the international business community and society as a whole, thereby helping to create a more sustainable world. Their research results are also used for teaching. This ensures that students acquire the skills demanded by their professional fields. It also means that the research directly contributes to our mission as a university of applied sciences: to educate professionals who will contribute to a better and more sustainable world.


Research themes


Our research is divided into six themes, based on the international sustainability agenda (the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs): Animals Climate & Environment Food and Agri Green Business Laboratory Sciences Water and Nature.



Animal and Living Environment
Smart Animal Welfare Management
Sustainable Equestrianism


Climate & Environment
Communication, Participation & Socio-Ecological Learning (CoPSEL)
Inclusive Nature Conservation
Management of Forested Landscapes
Organic Material for Fertile ans Functional Soil Management
Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable Soil Management


Food & Agri
Climate Smart Dairy Value Chains
Dairy Process Technology
Environmental Impact of Circular Agro-Food Chains
Healthy Food & Nutrition
Oil Palm and Tropical Forests
Protein Transition
Regional Transitions towards Circular Agriculture
Safety in the Food Chain
Sustainable Dairy Farming


Green Business
Soon more


Laboratory Sciences
Soon more


Water & Nature
Coastal & Marine Systems
Meadow Birds
Nature Based River Management
Sustainable Water Systems
Sustainable Water Systems in the Environment and Planning Act


Completed professorships
Animal Behaviour, Animal Health and Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare
Bee Health
Biobased Economy
Biobased Proteins
Circular Economy and Water Resources Management
Coastal and Marine Management
Coastal and Marine Management and Conservation
Food Physics
Food, Health and Safety
Health and Food
Healthy and Sustainable Food and Western Diseases
Herd Management and Smart Dairy Farming
Integrated Nature and Landscape Management
Sustainable Agribusiness in Metropolitan Areas
Sustainable Foodscapes in Urban Regions
Sustainable Landscape Management
Sustainable River Management