Students and employees at a green UAS can borrow books, DVDs and other materials from all Greeni-libraries at no cost. You only need a student- or employee-card.


The standard loan period is four weeks. For "short loan" books the loan period is one day, for DVDs 1 week. Journals, newspapers and non-loanable materials are available for inspection in the library.


The number of materials you can borrow at the same time is unlimited.

Making reservations


Is a title currently on loan or would you like to have an item that is currently not checked-out set aside for you to pick up later? Then you can simply make a reservation in the catalogue. Find the title in the catalogue and click on ‘Reserve’. Login with your borrower number and password (My Greeni). When you install our Greeni app Iguana Bibliotheek you can quickly make reservations and receive push notifications when your reserved materials arrive.


You can choose the location where you want to pick up the material. You can reserve materials from all locations, including materials that are not currently on loan. Reserving titles ‘in bestelling' (‘in order’) and non-loanable materials is not possible.


In general, reservations made before 3:00 PM are available at the desired location the next day. We cannot guarantee this, because we are depending on delivery by post.



Do you want to keep materials longer than the standard loan period? Make sure you renew in time. You can renew online (login My Greeni). When you install our Greeni app Iguana Bibliotheek you can receive push notifications when the due date of your borrowed materials is approaching and renew them (if possible) immediately.


Renewing is free and materials can be renewed indefinitely up to a maximum loan period of 365 days. Renewals are always extended by the standard loan period. The loan period starts at the time of renewal, and not on the original 'borrowed till’ date. When items you borrowed are reserved by somebody else, the possibility of renewing is automatically blocked. This setting in the library system ensures that every borrower gets a chance to borrow the desired items in the near future.



You find the returning date of materials you borrowed on the latest receipt or online (login My Greeni). Returning materials is possible at any Greeni-location, regardless of where the material was originally borrowed.

Download the Greeni app!


The Greeni catalogue can also be accessed on your phone or tablet. This way you can search for information, place reservations and renew loans. You can also receive push notifications when the due date of you borrowed materials is approaching or when your reserved materials arrive. This can be very useful if you do not open your school mail daily for example.

Blocked account


Your account can be blocked because you have typed three times the wrong password for your Greeni account. If this is the problem, please contact the library (in person or by mail). Your account will be unlocked and you have to ask for a new password via Login My Greeni.