Information literacy


Information Literacy Green UASAs a student, it is not always easy to stay upright in the overflow of information. With an interactive instruction we will teach you how to search for information efficiently and evaluate and use it in your report, presentation, etc.


In order to find reliable and correct information, it is important to take on the searching process in a systematic way. With the online instruction Information Literacy Green UAS you can learn how to search, select and evaluate information fast and systematically.


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APA guidelines


De APA-richtlijnen uitgelegdDo you want to know how to make a correct reference to books, journals and other sources according to the APA guidelines?

Detailed information on APA guidelines can be found in the Library guide APA guidelines or go directly to the Dutch language manual De APA-richtlijnen uitgelegd: Een praktische handleiding voor bronvermelding in het hoger onderwijs.

An English version will not be published, for this we refer to the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association.

A series of videos from Project APA7 explain different parts of referencing.

Knowledge clips


In order to get good research results, you have to go through several steps. These knowledge clips explain these steps in more detail.







Knowledge clips adapted from NHL Stenden Creative Commons-Licentie

More knowledge clips and manuals can be found at Information literacy Green UAS.